Did you know Beyonce is a Bee Collector? Famous Musicians and their hobbies Vibinglive

Many people think that the lives of some famous musicians to ever walk the earth stop and end with music. However, this isn't true as these people have hobbies, things they do when they're not on stage, in the studio or writing music. You'd be surprised by some of the hobbies your favourites have.

Micheal Jackson for instance, the late King of Pop had a hobby in motorcycle repair, i.e. he was technically a motorcycle mechanic. You'd think he spent all his time alive on stage or practising new dance moves right? Well, he had a hobby.

Another musician you probably wouldn't be able to take guess on her hobby is @Beyonce who revealed she has a fondness for beekeeping

Among these musicians, someone who is technically a DJ but has quite an unusual hobby is DJ Cuppy. In an Instagram post, she revealed that she loved collecting Minnie mouse collector.

These are just a few Among others who definitely have a life outside of music, and a hobby they love.

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