Music Is Like A Hug For Your Brain.

Have you ever had this experience where you begin to feel warm and fuzzy inside, and different types of positive emotions start to swirl inside you_ or to make it sound less fairytale like_you notice that you begin to feel better from just listening to a particular kind of music? Believe me when I say this but I’ve had this feeling a couple of times so I know that it’s amazing.

The beautiful thing is sometimes you hardly even pay a lot of attention to the music when played, you just begin to feel better. Now that is the “magical” effect of music. It’s like a hug but this time, not a physical hug, a hug to your brain. So just like the physical hug that makes you feel good and want to cling to the person more, the hug Music gives to your brain makes your brain produce lots of positive reactions which in turn lightens your mood.

What better way to make ourselves feel good without causing potential harm to another part of our body than to turn up? the music on VibingLIVE and let it give you a myriad of positive emotions.

VibingLIVE is available here in Google and Apple stores with 3 free channels including Vibing Live DJ, Vibing Gospel and Vibing Talk on the app, website, and on over 100 secondary listening platforms and directory.

Contact:, @vibinglive1 on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and Instagram

+13232838639 WhatsApp

Author: Tifeh @thesocialmediamaker

Editor: @femidlive



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Vibing Live

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