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1 min readSep 6, 2022


There’s something about music that makes you feel emotions, different emotions. It’s like the energy the music carries transcends and registers in your head, making you feel them too.

You could be feeling down one minute, and the next minute an #afrobeat jam playing on VibingLIVE comes up and your Vibing to it, forgetting what it is that made you so down in the last couple of minutes.

It’s like magic, the rush, the energy and the emotions each music carries (music and emotions), making you get in touch with your emotions.

What I enjoy the most is the knowledge that there’s music for every emotion I want to get in touch with. All I have to do is connect with VibingLIVE, turn up the music and Vibe away!

VibingLIVE is available here in Google and Apple stores with 3 free channels including Vibing Live DJ, Vibing Gospel and Vibing Talk on the app, website, and on over 100 secondary listening platforms and directory.

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Vibing Live

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